Ok, I admit that I enjoy making things with my hands, but I also suck at finishing DIY projects. Therefore, I usually punt on anything that is time/mission-critical to life, and just pay someone to do the work.

At the moment, we have contractors at Kim’s house remodeling the upstairs bathroom. Anyone who’s been in my house in the last 5 years, knows that *my* main floor bathroom has been closed for remodeling the whole time. So it’s only sensible that we have contractors working at the other house as we prepare to sell/move. But here’s the problem. They just did a pretty awful job tiling around the tub. I don’t pretend I could do a great job of tiling, but this job is a mess. It’s not level, square, or plumb. It’s just shoddy workmanship. If I had wanted a rushed, shoddy job, I could have done it myself.

So I just remembered the other reason I do some things myself. I can control the quality of the finished product. If I screw up a project, I can rip out the mistake and try again. I don’t have any profit-driven need to get in under budget, and as long as I don’t mind not having 3 bathrooms in the house, I can take the time to do the job right.