WordPress Plugin: withings-scale


Author: Sandro Fouche
Tags: withings, scale, weight, weight-loss, scale
Requires at least: 2.7
Tested up to: 2.9

Just a quick WordPress plugin to embed the Withings GadgetCode into a sidebar widget.

Download the lastest version here: withings-scale.zip


The Withings Internet connected scale has the ability to post your weight data
online, including embedding “gadgets” into existing webpages. This plugin
just allows their smaller gadget to be easily placed into a WordPress sidebar
as a widget.


Upload the withings-scale plugin to your blog, Activate it, then
add the now available Withings Scale widget to your sidebar.

The widget needs to know your UserID and Public Key. Both are available from the “Share” tab at my.withings.com. Click the screenshot below for details of what information you will need.

3 thoughts on “WordPress Plugin: withings-scale

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  2. Thanks! Just voted 4 Stars on it at WordPress. You’ll get the fifth when the widget doesn’t produce any cross-domain JavaScript warnings anymore.

  3. Me again – this time with a bug report 🙂

    The widget stopped showing the Weight, Lean Mass and Fat bars. Is it a problem in the widget or did Withings change something? And can you fix it?

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