Ubuntu on a Gateway 200stm

Just some quick notes regarding using my Gateway 200stm laptop with Ubuntu 6.06 (Dapper Drake).

  • Sound: works
  • Video: works
  • Trackpad: works
  • Ethernet: works
  • Wireless: works (I’m using an upgraded mini-PCI 802.11g card)
  • Hibernate: works
  • Suspend: not working

The laptop doesn’t seem to fully wake-up from suspend.

So far I’ve done:

Switched to APM:

  1. added /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-200stm
  2. added “blacklist shpchp” to blacklist-200stm
  3. added “blacklist pciehp” to blacklist-200stm

Actually seems worse. The laptop will blank the screen on it’s own, and never unblank. It seems to be running, since ctl-alt-delete will reboot it (cleanly), but this is awful otherwise.

Switching back to ACPI seems like a better idea.
Using S1 instead of S3 sleep (by editting /etc/defaults/acpi-support) doens’t seem to work either.

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