Long Term Goals

* Earn my Ph.D
wedge Sail around the World
* Learn to Fly
* Skydive
* Visit the Tour de France (preferably on an epic mountain stage)
* Learn to Scuba Dive
* Learn to Weld
* Learn to Rock Climb
wedge Run a Marathon
* Learn to Play Guitar
* Learn to ride a horse
* Paddle the Amazon
* Ski the Alps
* Motorcycle across America
wedge Hike the Appalachian Trail
wedge- Travel
wedge- North America
*X Canada
wedge United States
wedge Mexico
* Costa Rica
* North Pole
wedge- Europe
wedgeX England
wedge- France
* Germany
* Austria
wedge Italy
* Tuscany
* Spain
wedge- Asia
*X Japan
wedgeX Thailand
* Hong Kong
wedge India
wedge China
wedge Tibet
wedge Isreal
wedge South America
wedge Brazil
wedge Peru
wedge Chile
* Galapagos Islands
wedge Africa
wedge Egypt
* Morocco
wedge Kenya
wedge Zimbabwe
wedge Antartica
wedge Oceania
wedge Australia
* New Zealand

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