on Resumés

Don’t Lie – You’ll be found out eventually and then it won’t end well.  Even if you get the job, what are you going to do when they expect you to know your stuff? (unknown)
Make it Googleable – Everyone uses Google, recruiters included.  Make sure you put your resumé someplace Google can find it and in a format that Google indexes.  That would include Word .doc and Adobe PDF.  But, I always create an HTML version just to be sure. (me, c.2001)
Be specific – Many people can say “managed subordinates”.  Not as many can say “managed a division of 250 staff, including: designers, clerks, interns, and administrative personnel; with a $2 million/year budget”.  The details are where you can shine. (English Professor, c.1995)
Don’t waste your reader’s time – Few places care about your hobbies or part-time jobs unless they have relevance for the position you’re applying for.  Unfortunately, this probably applies to any overly elaborate discussion of your education.  This even applies to being specific as above, only include the relevant details. (me, c.1998)
There’s no page limit – Subject to the above guidelines don’t be afraid to use as much space as you need to explain your work experience.  Don’t waste space on anything else, but if it takes three pages to detail your related work history use three pages. (me, c.1999)

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