on Compensation

Ask for more vacation time – it’s often easier than asking for more salary. If you get 3 weeks/year instead of 2, that’s basically a 2% increase in compensation for the same amount of work. (unknown)

Ask for more cash – before you go to the vacation bargaining. Might as well ask for both, but order matters. (unknown)

Hourly v. Salary – take an hourly rate, double it, then multiply by $1000, and that’s the approximate annualized salary. $6.00/hr works out to about $12k/yr. The inverse applies as well: 50K/yr. is about $25/hr. Knowing this makes figuring out what your time is worth easier. (me, c.1998)

Stock options are tricky – they can really pay off, or they can be worthless. If you can figure out some form of projected stock price for when your options vest, you can evaluate their value as compensation. You could also get a job on Wall Street. Best policy–guesstimate then figure 50% of that value. Now amortize it across your compensation for the vesting period. Don’t forget to figure income tax and strike prices into the mix. If you got this far, why are you reading this? (me c.1998)

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