I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been (approx. 285lbs). Sigh.

Time to really make a change. I’m going to try to post regularly to see if I can humiliate myself thinner.

Beginning of the New Year

Just a quick update after one week of the New Year, and 1001 days. With 7 days down, I’ve managed to knock-off a couple of minor items from the 101, mostly just buying small stuff around the house. A quck trip to Ikea and the local big-box home stores yielded a $50 faux-persian rug for the living room (#81), as well as five plants for my room (#83). I also took the liberty of starting an herb garden, it’s not on the list, but I figured it was a good thing to knock out while messing with plants in general.

In terms of some of the longer term goals, I managed to knock off 7 movies from the 102 (let’s face it this one is going to be cake), and I’ve managed breakfast everyday (although one was a frozen dinner, which I’m not counting). I also managed to make dinner 4 times, and ate leftovers once, so 5 homecooked meals. (I should ammend #41 to, “4 home-cooked meals a week”, since I’m counting left-overs). My current weight is 245 lbs., down 5 from a couple of weeks ago, and about 20 lbs. lighter than my max in the fall of 2005.

I had tried to get the dentist thing out of the way, and went to an appointment with a nearby office. Let’s just say I’ve never felt like I was being railroaded so hard outside of a used car lot. Needless to say I’m not going back, and I’m still looking for a good dentist. Hopefully I can knock out that item in the next week or two.

So the current stats are:

99 items, 95 movies, 46 lbs. in the next 994 days.

Stay tuned, it’s going to get interesting soon… (I hope).

100 Miles on a Bike

05_SeaGullCntryArtwk.jpgI find it’s easier to motivate to workout when I have a goal. To this end, I signed up for the Sea Gull Century. Held this year on October 7 on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, the Sea Gull has the reputation of being the flattest century in America.

Even better, the next day there’s an (optional) 40-mile ride and all-you-can-eat crab feast. I’m told lots of people simply drive to the restaurant :-).

While I did sign up for the 100 mile ride, I didn’t register for the crab-feast. I’m not sure I’m up for two drives out to the shore in one weekend, but I could be convinced. If anyone wants to join me for either day, let me know.

Sergeant’s Program

I signed up for the Sergeant’s Program (again). I had been a member six years ago, while I was working at AOL. While looking into them for my buddy Scott, I discovered that they’ve got locations much closer to my house these days, so I took the liberty of joining back up. Been at it since late January, and I’ve lost some weight, put on some muscle, and discovered just how bad it is to start exercising after a long hiatus. Man, does it suck.

Hopefully, more (and more regularly) later.

Trying to lose weight, again

I briefly had a successful campaign against my weight last year; I had been bicycling daily and managed a couple of longer rides (20-50 miles). Graduate school and legal consulting work took too much time for me to maintain the old program. I’ve put most of that weight back on, and I’m facing another year of being intolerably obese. This year my plan is to be more moderate in my weight-loss regimen.

First, I’m going to commit to getting back on the bike, and I’ll publish my track record here. Furthermore, I’m going to go back on the hacker’s diet with a goal of reducing my caloric intake by about 5250 calories per week (1.5 pounds of weight loss/wk). Who knows, I might even mix in a little Atkins for fun. Hopefully, I’ll have an easier time maintaining a more moderate weight-loss program (my average is less than 3 months). Links to riding and weight data in a future post. Any encouragement or advice is welcome!