Wedding Update

I’ve been particularly quiet these last couple of days because I’ve been working on the new wedding website. Well that and slogging through some data analysis for a journal article. Anyway, head on over there and let me know what other CSS nightmares I’ve caused.

PS: No, I didn’t plan that when we got the domain.

Wedding Update

Or announcement, or something. What we know at the moment:

Kim and I are getting married at the Memorial Chapel on the UMCP campus on 10/10/10.

For the numerically geeky out there, in binary that’s 1010/1010/1010. Or if you take it as a binary number: 101010 = 42 in decimal. And I don’t need to tell you the meaning of the number 42.

The ceremony will be at 6pm with a reception afterwards. There’s plenty of room at the chapel — it seats over one thousand, so anyone and everyone is welcome there. The reception won’t be the same situation.

We also have a cake topper, all the way from France. That’s it at the top of this entry; and we have an idea of what we’d like the cake to look like.

I think Kim has tentatively found a dress she likes.
But, we’re still looking at reception halls, photographers, etc.

More details as they become available.