Updated my TeX install

Just updated my BasicTeX-2008 install to the 2011 edition. Pretty simple really.

I deleted the old installation using:

tlmgr uninstall

then downloaded the latest incarnation from http://www.tug.org/mactex/2011/morepackages.html, then installed it.

I had to update the path in my .tcshrc to point to the new bin directory, and voila! Latest and greatest TeX install.

I then went ahead and ran the post installation steps from my previous post.


I defended my dissertation way back on July 23, 2010, and on Monday (12/20/2010) it was accepted for submission. So I’m done with grad school. Huzzah!

Now I just have to find a job.

New Year’s Update

Happy New Year!

I suppose now is as good a time to post a general update as any. Here’s a potpourri of random things going on in my world.

Health: I’m fighting a cold (that I’ve also managed to give to Kim), but otherwise I’m doing pretty well. I start cardiac rehab next week (delayed by my stomach surgery) — so I hope to be getting stronger and healthier with the assistance of the program. I’m hoping that the new year brings good health to the whole family. I’d like to think that I’ve had my major service needs met, and I’m not due for anymore “tune-ups” for a long time.

Work: I haven’t made much progress on the dissertation, but I’m hoping to get on that in the next couple of days. Looking over the available academic positions is a bit depressing — I’ve only found one or two that I’d be interested in applying for. The only local position that looks good is at George Washington University.

Fun: I’ve been messing with radio control stuff in and around the house. I’ll post about the various details in short order, but it’s definitely been entertaining. We’ve also picked up a couple new board games (yet another post). There needs to be a gaming night sometime soon. If you’d like to be invited, drop me a line or post a comment.

Friends: I need to apologize to you all for not being more communicative. I’ve been sleeping odd hours, and just generally been pretty self-absorbed. Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to make some new year’s calls in the next day or so.

Love: I’m happy and in love, what more could I ask!

Hopefully all of you are doing well and enjoying the holidays. I look forward to hearing from you all in the new year.


I’ve been meaning to post for a while now, but I’ve been just busy enough to give me an excuse. A little nudging, and here I am again.

Which oddly enough isn’t in D.C. I’m in London, England for the Google Conference on Test Automation. My advisor is speaking here, and I tagged along for the ride (especially since I have never been to London before). I arrived at 6am yesterday, just a couple of hours before the conference began, and pretty much had a full-day till 7pm, then down the pub midnight. Back up at 4am to work on data for a paper deadline (Saturday 12pm), and back to the conference in a couple of hours.
If anyone has recommendations for places to visit, I’m here for the weekend and have some freetime to explore; the camera is in tow, so hopefully there’ll be new stuff over on the photoblog soon.

Otherwise life hasn’t had much to blog about in particular, hence the lack of posts. Labor Day was a haze of: lame party, board gaming, and all-night at the drive-in :-D!

Quick reviews of the movies from Bengies:

  1. Cars: Pixar, good.
  2. Wicker Man: remake, lame.
  3. My Super-Ex Girlfriend: better than I expected, still pretty forgettable.
  4. Da Vinci Code: better than I expected, mostly forgettable.
  5. the Decent: we left at the start, so I don’t have a comment.

Impersonal Kitsch

For some reason, I thought this was totally cool:

Message: ———————————————————-


Student: Fouche, Sandro
Advanced to Candidacy on: 09/01/2006. If he has any current aid
offers, please check that they are updated to Step III.

This email was automatically generated

One of the perks of going to a state school is the unintentional comedy of the impersonal.

My last exam…

Oddly enough the last exam I will probably ever take was called a “preliminary” exam.

Anyway, as of yesterday, August 4, 2006, I passed my preliminary exam and advanced to candidacy. I am officially a ful doctoral candidate! 🙂

Now back to your regularly scheduled life.

Hiding from the World

Or more importantly, holed up at home while I slog through my doctoral proposal in preparation for my preliminary exam in a couple of weeks.

So I really haven’t had much to post about, or the time to even think of posting.

When I do get a moment you might hear about:

  • Floyd Landis’ amazing comeback in the Tour de France
  • Resurrecting my 11 year-old Powerbook 540c
  • The amazing combination of TextMate/Texniscope/BibDesk for generating LaTeX documents.