New Job

I’ve been keeping quiet on my job search to prevent this blog from unduly affecting the process. But, now that I’ve signed and delivered the contract, I’m comfortable admitting that I’ve accepted a position at Towson University as an Assistant Professor. The position is part of the Computer Science/Information System/Information Technology department, though my position is specifically targeted towards IT.

I start in August and will be teaching COSC 236 (CS 1 in Java), and CIS 211 (InfoSys 1). I’m looking forward to the new opportunity, and we’re already weighing the possibility of relocating to north Baltimore.

Prosecute the Parents

Story of a silly, pointless, avoidable death: here.

Seriously, who cares why the 3-year-old messed with a loaded gun left on the table. Prosecute the parents for endangering the child by making a loaded weapon available. Somehow making this the fault of the Wii, which does not come with a “solid black automatic-looking type mechanism” by default, is just plain silly. Especially since the 3-year-old didn’t shoot the TV — which is what you’d do with a Wii gun. Who ever wrote the article is either a twit or just too willing to be conned by parents trying to avoid arrest.