server migration started

The main website migration has started. So far I’ve moved DNS and the main page to the new server. I’m going to start moving blogs as I am able. If you have a blog on, please be sure to contact me to make sure your site makes the migration.

Wedding Update

I’ve been particularly quiet these last couple of days because I’ve been working on the new wedding website. Well that and slogging through some data analysis for a journal article. Anyway, head on over there and let me know what other CSS nightmares I’ve caused.

PS: No, I didn’t plan that when we got the domain.

A Couple Blog Stats

In the last 4 years, Akismet has handled 102,497 spam comments. That’s better than 25k spam messages a year. Pretty impressive when you consider that Google Analytics says the site had less than 10k pageviews last year. I know that the spambots do not generate trackable pageviews, but it’s pretty sad that more log space and energy goes into serving them than legitimate site visitors.

Work in progress

work in progressI’m way behind on blogging. So the next little bit I expect to be doing a lot of posting, as I try to catch up. Hopefully, what will follow is a rash of posts.


I apoogize for the lack of posts. Getting a decent Internet connection has been a bit tough.


twitterrific-iconI’m now on twitter.

I’m going to try to be more proactive about writing updates by using twitter. Since they’re smaller and more lightweight hopefully it’ll be easier for me to generate posts. You can follow my exploits in the sidebar to the right, or at:

Also, if anyone wants to recommend twitter tools for the iPhone or the Mac, please feel free to leave me a comment.