Bicycle Living Room?

Our living room as bike parking lot. Notice that we have 6 bikes in the photo and only 4 family members (and that’s not even counting the 3 more at my house). That little purple bike in the foreground needs to go, and I have one of the bikes at my place up on Craigslist now.

Bicycle Content

The coming days should bring some updates to the blog. Bicycles are big in our house at the moment, so I’m going to start posting the related household news.

Both kids received bicycles for their birthdays this year. Much happiness and a bunch of riding ensued. This has naturally led to more riding for Kim and me. in an effort to avoid paying for a campus parking permit, Kim has already been riding to work most days. So, I just needed to hop on my bike to make it a family affair.

After a few evening rides in the College Park area, we took a longish (10 mile) ride in Rock Creek Park — from Peirce Mill to Grubb Road, and back. At the mid-point of our ride, we enjoyed a nice Sunday brunch at the Daily Dish. The ride was a relative success, and we plan on trying to enjoy a couple more such outings while the weather holds.

Free Trail-a-bike

General cleaning and organization has led to a few surplus items. We’re generally taking them to goodwill/local charities, but if something seems like it might be useful to friends, I’ll list it here. The first item up for grabs is a Trek Trail-A-Bike; this let’s budding cyclists hitch a ride behind a parent. Our looks like this one:


But we don’t have the flag. Let me know if you’d like it. E-mail or phone is best. Thanks!

Trailing-Edge Geekdom

bellrossAs snolan pointed out in a recent comment, I’m a geek. Specifically, I’m a technology geek. but I don’t insist that only the latest and greatest tech is always the best (or most interesting).

I love bicycles, photography, and even horology. In fact I have a decent retro-bent going these days. I ride an old, steel, lugged touring bike. I’ve toyed with the idea of grabbing a fun ld-school film camera (well I have a Rolleiflex already) like a Polaroid SX-70 or Holga toy camera. I also tend to love analog watches.

The watchmaker Bell&Ross is helping me out by taking my obvious computer geekdom (and love of my iPhone) and mixing in a healthy dose of watch geekery with a dash of airplane cachet. Specifically, they’ve released an iPhone app that simulates their most popular line of watches (BR 01-92’s). I’m guessing having an real one on your wrist is somewhat nicer, but you can’t beat the price of the iPhone app. Also this is likely to be the closest I ever come to owning one.

Weekly Highlights

Let’s see. I managed to sprain my ankle late last week. That has kept me from lots of activities I might otherwise have enjoyed if I could walk.

Otherwise the bunch of doctor’s appointments I hobbled through yielded two practical results: my next surgery is scheduled for Nov. 17, and I’m now cleared to drive.

I did spend some time planning a trip to the 2009 Tour de France. I’ve always wanted to see it live, and the route seems optimal for enjoying the finish at Mont Ventoux as well as arrival in Paris (since they’re back-to-back). Besides Lance is supposed to be back at the Tour; possibly going for an eighth overall win at the event.

Not much else going on in my world.