Highlander Temperature Control Repaired

We’ve been having problems with our Toyota Highlander temperature controls. The system would blow hot/cold air randomly. Messing with the controls would get the correct temperature for a few minutes or seconds and then back to random temps.

Luckly, the Internet has lots of documentation on this problem:


I followed the directions online and the repair was pretty straight-forward; anyone who can use a screwdriver and has basic soldering skills could have tackled this repair. The whole thing took less than 30 minutes. We ended up saving close to $1000-$1500.

Tools required:

  • 10mm nut driver or socket wrench
  • #2 philips screwdriver
  • soldering iron
  • solder wick or desoldering tool
  • wire stripper/cutter

I’m grateful that the information is out there and that I have at least enough basic skills to perform this type of repair. We had all the tools and skills in the house and frankly, our 10-year-old has the skills required to complete this repair with some guidance. This was a great example of where some basic DIY saved a lot of time and money.

It’s amazing to me that Toyota hasn’t done a recall on the part, since this seems to be a pretty common problem and a simple fix to a relatively expensive part.