Weekly Highlights

Let’s see. I managed to sprain my ankle late last week. That has kept me from lots of activities I might otherwise have enjoyed if I could walk.

Otherwise the bunch of doctor’s appointments I hobbled through yielded two practical results: my next surgery is scheduled for Nov. 17, and I’m now cleared to drive.

I did spend some time planning a trip to the 2009 Tour de France. I’ve always wanted to see it live, and the route seems optimal for enjoying the finish at Mont Ventoux as well as arrival in Paris (since they’re back-to-back). Besides Lance is supposed to be back at the Tour; possibly going for an eighth overall win at the event.

Not much else going on in my world.

One thought on “Weekly Highlights

  1. Finally putting some text down. Seems like things are normalizing for a moment for you. Good to hear. Let’s catch up. I have been on the road, trip after trip, but glad to catch up with you here.

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