Week 3: It all goes down the tubes

After starting off with 2 great weeks on the 101 things list, week 3 was a disaster.

I should start off by pointing out that:

  1. I’m sick (flu-like symptoms, and I spent most of the week running mild fever)
  2. I had a colleague in town, so I had to go to the office everyday
  3. I’m sick and I hate being sick
  4. I spent a lot of time eating junk to make me feel better about being sick
  5. Did I mention that I’m sick
  6. My foot is now in pain from what I can only guess is metabolic arthritis (better known as gout)
  7. I’m sick (and tired of being sick)

I’ve known since high school that I’m prone to gout, but attacks are pretty infrequent (although it’s been more frequent since I started grad school). I think this is the third or forth attack in 6 years. If I watch my diet it seems to be OK, but I think the combination of being sick, dehydration caused by being sick, and crappy diet (also caused by illness) has led to a flare up. I’m currently lying in bed, foot propped up, trying to down as much water as possible.
But enough whining; here’s the update. Nothing from list was actually completed this week. I made some marginal progress on a couple of items, but slid on others. First the bad news… I missed breakfast everyday last week and didn’t manage to do any walking, so I have to reset the counters on #42 and #48.

In the not that bad column, the illness conspired to keep my binge eating from totally derailing my weight-loss goals (#47), so I ended the week where I started at 248 lbs.

As far as progress, a big pot of basil chicken chili (recipe forthcoming after some tweaking) managed to keep me on track with the cooking by providing lots of leftovers. I rounded out my weeks cooking duties with a bunch of tquick and simple meals to squeak by with just 4 meals cooked. But hey, it’s counts. Three weeks of cooking down, approximately 22 to go.

The good part about being in bed is that it’s pretty easy to watch movies. I saw Tom Yum Goong (the Protector in the US) on DVD, but have decided not to count it on the foreign language movie list since large sections are in English. A bit of a film noir streak took 3 more movies of Ebert’s 102 (#66).

remaining: 95 items, 90 movies, 49 lbs. in the next 980 days.

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