Out with Windows in with…

This is the operating system I chose to install on the Shuttle XPC.

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And here’s one of the entire rig.

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With the correct tools from the Web, the entire process was pretty much point-and-click. Sound, video (Quartz Extreme and Core Image), and Rosetta were all working immediately; overall this wasn’t much worse than installing on any previous Mac.

There have been a few glitches:

  • The mouse occasionally leaves a bit of un-updated desktop behind.
  • The ethernet drivers supported my actual chipset, but needed to be hex-editted for the correct PCI id.
  • There are no drivers for the built-in (Prism3) wireless chipset.

It was difficult tracking down the right stuff on the Net, even though I already owned licenses and had installation media for Mac OS X 10.4. If you’re interested in duplicating my results check out the OSx86 Project.

You can find some notes on what I did to make my system work on this tech notes page.

Let me know what you think 😉

4 thoughts on “Out with Windows in with…

  1. I would love to get OSX on my PC. Would this process work on AMD chipset, or is it just for Intel? As to the Linux, I just downloded the Unbundu iso and booted into it – the thinkpad’s trackpoint goes a bit crazy and I haven’t had a chance to play around with it too much, but it looks like it might be useful.

  2. It does work on AMD chipsets, but of course it’s all the other stuff (networking, sound and video) that could be tough. Check the OSx86 project site to see if someone has it working on your Thinkpad (lots of people are working hard on that one).

  3. yeah i was looking into getting myself a shuttle. by the way, do you have a link for that picture, or is it yours? i love it!

  4. That’s desktop background is included with Mac OS X 10.4, you can find it in the “black & white” directory; it’s called “Pier”.

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